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Why do we do it? – The migration agent perspective


We want to start this blog explaining a little bit about how we do what we do. First of all, as a team, we realize, that our clients are the reason we are in business, and, without you, we don’t exist (so thank you). As a Migration Agent, our biggest pleasure comes through helping our clients and friends achieve their migration dreams. The best part of the role involves mapping out personalized pathways for our clients to follow based on the most up to date information.

Our aim as an agent is to take a holistic approach to each client and look at all avenues that may be available. From temporary business sponsorship, permanent business sponsorship, regional sponsorship to state sponsorship and general skilled migration, it’s important to know all the options available to you and how we can help. In the last 12 months we’ve helped 100’s of clients gain visas to allow them to stay in Australia.

 One of our biggest rewards comes through our referral business. Over 80% of our migration cases come through referrals form our current clients. Referring us a friend is the best way for us to know we’ve helped our clients and friends in a way that meant something.

So we guess if you asked us why we do what we do? It’s to constantly find new and better ways to help our clients achieve their goals and more importantly, share in the celebration.  Hearing people scream, cry and laugh through the phone or in person is the biggest reward and as a job, there is no better feeling!


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    My uncle is planning to move to Australia, and is just starting to look into all that needs to be done. I will suggest that he finds a good migration agent to help him with the process. How long does it usually take for everything to get sorted out? He’s hoping to be there by the end of summer, but should we plan for it to take longer? Thank you for the information!


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