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What is the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement?


Due to the new Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirement, recently imposed by the Australian Government, it is now, more than ever, particularly important to apply for an Student Visa with a professional advise provided by a Registered Education Agent.

At EMSA for instance, we recommend our clients to write a letter explaining the reasons of their course/program choice to try and avoid further enquiries by the Immigration Office when lodging a student visa.

According to the Immigrations law, the genuine temporary entrant requirement (GTE) is ‘an integrity measure to ensure that the Student visa Programme is used as intended and not used by international students as a way of maintaining de facto permanent residency in Australia.’

When assessing a student visa applicant in regards to the GTE requirement, the Immigrations Department must be satisfied that the applicant genuinely intends to stay in Australia temporarily and with the main purpose of undertaking studies.

The Case Officer basically assess each applicant in regards to the applicant’s circumstances, the applicant’s immigration history, and any other ‘relevant matter’.

It is in this last part (any other relevant matter) where the experience and knowledge of the Education Advisor is tested as it becomes the non-objective part of the visa application assessment.

Having said this and as the Immigration Department is getting more and more strict when assessing student visa applications, my recommendations if planning to apply for a further student visa are:

  • To meet the school’s requirements at all times, either attendance or progress based policies
  • To finish your programs and get your awards
  • To be consistent in your course choice, for instance if studying business to not to change to mechanics or nursing. Always study something that you are genuine interested in
  • To not to have long gaps in between courses
  • To not to work more than what it is allowed

Another vital part of the GTE assessment is to show strong ties with the applicant’s home country. In this sense it is always a good idea to keep these ties while you are studying in Australia. Some of the ways to maintain ties with your home country are for instance, leaving your overseas bank accounts open, visiting your relatives at least once a year (or they can visit you here), being up to date with your countries labour market trends and how your studies in Australia will help you in re introducing yourself into this work market.

To address the GTE Criteria is a task that only a serious and specialised Education or Migration Consultant can provide and therefore, my advise is to do your entire process through a recognised Education Agency. If you want more information, you can write us to


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    Hi I’m Luis, I’m international student from Colombia. I would like to ask if you have any example of genuine temporary entrant.

    Thank you

    Kind regards

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      Hola Luis!

      Si quieres puedes pasar por nuestras oficinas en Gold Coast o Brisbane. Así te podemos ayudar a redactar este documento.

      Quedamos atentos


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    If someone’s intended to migrate to Australia, Will GTE be an obstacle on the way of migration?

    Thank you

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    i am an international student from india. want to aaply for bachelor studies in australia. I am having 41% in 12th std. Am i eligible for applying for student visa.

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    Hi, I’m Janice
    I wanna apply student visa to Australia
    But I don’t know how to write GTE, if you have any example of this.please sent it to my e mail. Thank you so much.

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    I am from i have completed my 12th with i am eligible for australia or not or my ielts score is 5.5

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    I am a Portuguese student applying for the student visa
    I was accepted to a PhD program, with a scholarship award, in the ECUniversity, in Perth. The program duration is 3 years, from July 25, 2016 to July 25, 2019 and I already have the CoE that I will submit in the application.
    Can you tell me where can I find an example of the GTE?
    I was thinking about submitting this:
    “I was accepted to a PhD program, with a scholarship award, in the ECUniversity, in Perth. The program duration is 3 years, from July 25, 2016 to July 25, 2019.
    I have family in Portugal and I intent to come back to live in Lisbon after finishing my PhD.”
    Is this enough?

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    hello there

    i m working as mechanic in australia since 2 year n studyong cert iv in automotive. i m on 485 as spouse. now i want to study further but can u suggest me tips for aplying.

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      Thank you for your enquiry. We’d be happy to assist you with your current situation and help to plan your pathway forward.

      As Australia’s immigration program is very complex and there may be a number of possible ways for you to apply for residency, please complete the assessment form via the link below. The information you provide will help our Migration Team identify your visa options and possible pathways

      To make sure we have all the information, you must complete the following sections:

      Personal Particulars
      Marital Status
      Current Residential address
      Citizenship Details
      Passport Details
      Addresses (including your home country address)
      Education Details (all school, college and uni information here and overseas)
      Employment details
      Australian Visa Applications
      Once you’ve completed the relevant sections, click “submit” in the bottom left hand corner, once we have received it our Migration team will:

      Assess your case and provide you with some free written advice
      Arrange an appointment and confirm if you are eligible for a free initial consultation or if it will carry a fee.
      Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to assisting you!

      Warm regards,

      The EMSA Team

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    Hello there,

    I am filling the application for the student visa now. I got stuck at the GTE. do you have a sample of the GTE. I wrote enough to answer those question, but still did not reach 2000 words as the GTE page required that.

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      Shannon Semenikow

      – E-mail
      – Phone number
      – Nationality
      – City of residence
      – Profession

      Also, if you can give us a little bit more information about your case that would help us to improve the assessment.

      Alternatively, you can come to our office in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Venezuela, India, Philippines, Nigeria or Colombia.

      Hope to hear soon from you

      Kind Regards!

      EMSA Team

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    Im in a very wierd circumstanced, I recently finished a Diploma of Business at Monash University, and i like to change my course to arts as I’m unhappy with what i learned, and i was very depressed with the subject. I applied for the course 30th of jannuary and im supposed to get a reply from them within a week. However they did not process my course change until the 24th and the deadline of the deposit was the 27th unfortunately i could not make date that it is due, so they ask me to defer it to June 19th. I need to extend my visa so i called the office they said i can use an Offer as proof to extend. But my problem is it wasnt my fault that i had a long gap between now and my course, it was the school for unable to process my application on time. When i apply for the GTE can i make this a case, since i wanted to start in february but the school caused some circumstances that forced me to start in june?

    Thank You
    Kind Regards


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