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Once a professional with an un-certain future but now about to graduate with several executive job offers

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It was a call from a number I did not recognise.

When I answered, a recruiter introduced herself and asked if I had time for a quick chat. She had a client looking to fill an executive position. “Your friend John is a family friend. He suggested I give you a call”.

John did send me a message a few days ago, mentioned something about a job. It slipped my mind.

I was busy studying for my finals. I needed a break anyway, so I took the call. The recruiter continued, “(name of company) has an opening for an executive position. I am wondering if you would be interested.”

Imagine, a quick four years ago, I was anxious about what my future would be. Today I look forward to the day I graduate and begin life as a successful, and well-paid professional in Australia or my country.

If it were possible to predict the future, I must have done so by enrolling with Torrens University.

Why is that you might ask?

Industry placements

Flexible learning programs

A dedicated success coach

Small class sizes

Industry Placements

A successful industry placement, combined with ongoing work-experience opportunities throughout your course, will make you a highly skilled and employable professional, ready to move into the career of your choice when you graduate. International students undertake work placements with some of the most prestigious and dynamic organisations in Australia, and around the world.

Success Coach

Your dedicated Success Coach is there throughout your studies, to help you discover and build on your innate strengths and work towards your career goals. Torrens University’ Success Coaches are all qualified professionals with experience in the industry you are studying to get into. They are available to coach you online, on-campus, or both.

Flexible Learning Program

Torrens University offer hybrid courses at some campuses that combine an online and on-campus study option, allowing you to realise your career goals sooner.

Small class sizes

Get direct and personalised access to your learning facilitators and industry-experienced lectur-ers, and learn from stimulating, inclusive discussions through the small class sizes.

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What international students at Torrens have to say?

Torrens University Australia brings a modern, careers-focused and global perspective to higher education.

The courses are aimed at providing you with a world-class skill set that will make you a valuable asset to any employer.Torrens University’s place in the Laureate International Universities ensures that you will graduate with more than a degree; you graduate from the largest education network in the world, ready for whatever challenge the world throws your way.

Torrens University offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a variety of disciplines. These courses are delivered through their incredible family of schools and a prestigious array of collaborations; leading institutions that all boast strong links to industry in Australia and overseas.

Their campuses span across Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The Torrens commitment

Integrity in the pursuit of knowledge

Employability through industry-recognised learning

A reflexive, globally-focused curriculum

Access to an international network of facilities and connections

Proactive engagement with industry globally

Collaboration, teamwork and partnership

Learning flexibility at every point

Intercultural understanding and respect

Intellectual and personal welfare of all staff and students

From Student Visa to Post-Study Work Visa or Permanent Residency

Education and Migration Services Australia (EMSA) is not like your regular education agency. EMSA are specialists in not only helping you find a course, but helping you plan your future in Australia. Whether that be work opportunities on graduation by assisting you in getting a Post-Study Work Visa which allows you to work in any field for up to four years (depending on your course), or by assisting you in applying for permanent residency in Australia.

Our team of registered migration agents are qualified to give you the best advice in helping you achieve your dreams in Australia.

Enrolments are limited and might fill up soon. We can reserve a spot for you if you contact us by filling this form.