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Why Internships are important for your career in Australia?


Students are reluctant to pursue internships because they worry they’ll be stuck doing menial tasks like getting coffee or making copies and let’s face it- no one wants to work for free.


As an international student, it is important for you to know a bit more about the Responsible Service of Alcohol (more commonly known as the “RSA”).


Higher points needed for some occupations

As it gets closer to the end of the 2016/17 year (30th June), the places for some occupations are getting smaller.


Migrating to a new country is a testing process as it is. Incorporating the challenge of finding employment in a new and diverse market can sometimes be an even greater hurdle to execute. Many newly settled professionals in Australia sometimes struggle to find work and it can be for a multitude of reasons.


Almost every country has a day they claim to celebrate their home and the people that make it special.


Every wednesday, EMSA provides a job list for Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Every wednesday, EMSA provides a job list for Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Getting invited for an interview by a prospective employer is normally a good sign that you are on the right track to gaining employment.

In this day and age, everything can be found online and with Linkedin becoming such a critical part of candidate sourcing process, recruiters typically have a good idea of your background and history before they even meet you.


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Being an international student can be a challenging experience.

You’re a long way from home, your family in a strange (but amazing) country on the other side of the world from the things that you know.


Our job list is exclusive

EMSA provides a weekly job list on its Facebook page.

It can be really motivating to look through job advertisements, imagining yourself nailing that interview or envisioning yourself in your ideal job. But no matter what, before you hit the “submit” button on a job site, pause for a minute to evaluate the quality of your resume.


Understanding a couple of tips can help you create a winning resume, that is going to get noticed and speak for you to the employers.


Tips for making a superior resume:


Be concise

It is important to ensure that your resume is under two pages long, especially when you are a fresh graduate. This implies skipping superfluous detail and abstaining from ‘drifting’. So it’s always best to keep it concise and to the point and just incorporate the essential information.


Preferred Format

Make it a point to write your telephone number, email and address under your name so the hirer knows how to contact you.


Think about including as a short objective or professional summary which tells the employer your career goals and interests. When they like what they read in the initial three sentences, it will urge them to continue reading to take in more about you.


Write about your employment history next. Verify that you give dates to indicate the time you’ve spent in each of your past jobs. List your educational qualifications, prepare your skills, show off your accomplishments, and afterwards give a rundown of your interests and quality references. Interests and hobbies, however, shouldn’t take up an excessive amount of significant space.


What to avoid

It’s always better to avoid elements like your age or, your relationship status, or any medical issues or handicaps as employers may be able to use it to discriminate against you.


Keep it basic

Ensure that there are no sentence or spelling errors by reviewing the document thoroughly using spell-checker. It’s always best to keep it basic. Pick a clear text style with a size 11 font and use dark shading as this is usually easiest and simplest to read. It really helps to get feedback from a professional consultant.


Also, don’t forget that EMSA provides a weekly job list on our Facebook.







Immigration says it is being forced to cull public servants.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has cut 300 jobs from immigration leading to heavier workloads for current staff. (more…)


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There has been a lot of discussion from agents, students and graduates on the changes made to the ACT State Sponsorship earlier this year. In some posts, it was made to seem easy for applicants to get state sponsorship in the ACT but, as with anything, rules can change and the ACT has updated it’s requirements as of August 2016.


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