How to get Permanent Residency studying in Australia?

Australia offers great opportunities for students who have the right occupation to apply for permanent residency after their studies. EMSA can help you to find the right course, in the right city to boost your chances to stay in Australia. We are experts on it!

How does it work?

There are many factors that we need to consider as each case is assessed individually. We work closely with our migration team to find the best pathway for you. Also, we can fully guide you to prepare your student visa application to meet all the immigration requirements.

Check our 4 step process

Choose your course and get your student visa

Doesn’t matter if you already have studies back home or you would like to study something new here in Australia. We can guide you to choose a course that you like and at the same time can give you a migration outcome.

Apply for a post study work (485) visa

It’s very likely that you will need to get some work experience before applying for permanent residency. This visa allows you to work full-time up to 5 years here in Australia after you graduated.

Get your skills assessment

While on your 485 visa, we can guide to get your skills assessment in your occupation. Moreover, we will give you Plan A, B and C to get to the permanent residency.

Apply for your Permanent Residency

After you have got your skills assessment, worked in your occupation and received an invitation from the government. It’s time to apply for your PR! - We strive to be with you every step in your journey.

What courses can give me
Permanent Residency in Australia?

There are a wide range of courses and pathways to study and get Permanent Residency. Some of them
could be Vocational Courses or Higher Education. Some of the most popular are:

Automotive Mechanic
Commercial Cookery
Civil Engineering
Social Work
Social Work
Quantity Surveying
Quantity Surveying
Telecommunication Engineering
Telecommunications Engineering

There are hundreds of pathways that could lead you to Permanent Residency. Book an appointment with us today and discover how to achieve your dreams in Australia!


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