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How study can
lead to migration

Australia is a beautiful country!

from amazing cities like Sydney and Melbourne to spectacular national parks and pristine beaches, Australia has something for everyone.

And that everyone includes you!

At Education and Migration Services Australia (EMSA), we are here to help you whether you want to study and work in Australia, whether you’re looking to learn english, study a vocational or get a university degree. And if you want to find a good job in our country while studying, our team is also on hand to assist!

Whether you just want to study here, find a path to migration or perhaps a combination of the both, we have the team with the skills to help make it happen!

Studying in Australia

Things to consider when looking at a steady pathway to migration in Australia are:

Do you already have an occupation that is in demand?

Do you have an occupation on a state sponsorship list – meaning, studying in that state may help you to apply for residency?

If not, are you interested in studying an occupation that is in demand in Australia?

Don’t worry if it all sounds too much, that’s what we are here for!

Here at Education and Migration Services Australia, we are specialists in helping people from around the world come to our country to achieve their migration or study dreams.

For our clients, we help map out clear and personalised pathways. We are focused on your big picture.

The one organisation that does it all

Unlike other agencies that maybe specialises in one area, EMSA are specialists in both:


With an understanding of all migration laws, visas and which states and territories want which occupations

Women migrating to Australia
International students


We represent with schools and universities across the country to find the right choice for you

This means we can look at your case, find the perfect path for you, and be by your side for your entire journey.

International student using a laptop

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Do it today. This could be the start of your future.