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Public transport in Australia

If you’re migrating to Australia – you’ll need to know how to get around on public transport.
Every city in Australia has its own public transport options. These include trains, buses, bicycles and ferries (boats). Most of them are integrated, which means you can use one travel card across different means of transport. These cards are the cheapest way to get around – they’re personal, rechargeable and electronic. Most are touch on- touch off – so you need to remember to swipe your card at the beginning and end of your journey. Some cities offer student discounts for international students.

There are also taxis and Uber (cheaper shared taxi offering) and of course plane travel.

Public transport around Australia


Opal card
Journey planner

Brisbane and Gold Coast

go card
Journey planner


myki card
Journey planner


Journey planner


Journey planner

Travelling around Australia by air

Yes, Australia is a very spread out country. So you might need some tips on getting cheap flights.

  • Book as far in advance as you can and fly off peak (avoid Friday afternoons, Sunday nights, Monday mornings and school holidays). You’ll also find cheaper flights at certain times of day. For detailed information check out this great infographic from Skyscanner.
  • Research your flight options on comparison sites like WebJet and Skyscanner – but don’t book through them. Instead, go to the airline’s website – it’s normally a little cheaper and you might get reward points.

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