Parent visa

The Parent Visa lets an Australian citizen or permanent resident sponsor their parents to migrate to Australia.

Who can apply to sponsor their parents?

An Australian permanent resident must have lived in Australia for at least two years before lodging the visa application to sponsor their parents. An Australian citizen must have lived here for at least three months.

Which parents are eligible?


Balance of Family Test

Parents must meet the ‘Balance of Family’ (BOF) test. Criteria include:

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Parents have at least half of their children living in Australia (permanent residents or citizens)

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Parents have more children living in Australia (PR or citizens) than in any other single country

Note that all children of the applicants are counted, including children of previous relationships of either applicant.



There is no age requirement for applications submitted from outside Australia.

If parents are onshore, they can apply if one parent is at least 65 years of age. If both parents are under 65, the application must be submitted from outside Australia.

Assurance of Support

Assurance of Support

This is required for all Parent Visa applications. It’s a legal commitment to repay the Australian Government for social security benefits paid to the applicants. A bond may be payable, which is released after 10 years along with interest. Normally, a family member provides Assurance of Support, but there are other options available.

Types of Parent Visas

Standard Parent(non-contributory) (103)

These visas can take up to 30 years to be approved for offshore applicants, and 6-8 years for onshore applicants. There are a limited number available and in some periods, none are available. There are visa options during this waiting period – a Tourist Visa for visiting offshore applicants, or a Bridging Visa for onshore applicants.

Contributory Parent (Visas 173, 143, 864, 884)

Much faster than the Standard visas, these visas are also more expensive. There are two types:


A two-year visa that provides a pathway to a permanent Parent Visa application. Cost is approximately $30,000 AUD per parent and entitles the holder to access Medicare, work and travel freely.


A permanent visa that costs ~$50,000 per parent and takes around 18–24 months to process. If the applicant holds a Temporary Parent Visa, they can pay the difference between the two visas.

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