Partner visa

Fallen in love with an Aussie? Let us help you get a visa to stay together

Love and Australia

We don’t always choose who we fall in love with and if you happen to fall in love with an Australian (either in Australia or overseas) and are planning a life together, then you may be eligible to apply for a partner visa.

Partner visas allow the partners of Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents the ability to live and work in Australia. They are also entitled to all the benefits that come with being an Australia resident. These include:

Health Insurance

Access to medicare (Australia’s free health care system)


Local fees for school and university


Free English courses*

Australian Citizenship

After living in Australia for four years, ability to apply for citizenship and Australian passport

To achieve success, getting the right advice is crucial!

Immigration can be confusing and a lot of partner visas get refused from people not providing the right information when applying. We’ve even had clients come to us that were married and had had their visa refused. With an immigration application fee of almost $7000, it’s really important to make sure we get the application right!

Our agents will take your through the entire application process, from determining your eligibility to making the application, and following-up. All done for a small, affordable fee giving you peace of mind.

Partner Visa

This program is for couples that are in a genuine and continuing relationship and can be a pathway to residency and your life together in Australia!

Partner Visa options

Partner visa onshore 820/801

Temporary visa for 2 years (820) that leads to permanent residency (801). These visas can be applied for in Australia

Partner visa offshore 309/100

Temporary visa for 2 years (309) that leads to permanent residency (100). These visas can be applied for outside Australia

Prospective marriage visa (300)

This is a visa that allows an engaged couple to apply for a visa to come to Australia to get married

How partner visas work?

Partner visas are not designed for boyfriend and girlfriend but rather a couple that is in a genuine and continuing relationship and have a mutual commitment to a shared life to the exclusion of all others.

Partner visas are generally a two-stage process whereby they first grant temporary residency for a period of two years and then, providing you are still together, permanent. The two-year waiting period is designed to ensure that couples are genuine.

In assessing whether you are genuine, the Australian government will look at all aspects of your relationship including:








Nature of the commitment to each other

If any of these things are not covered adequately, it could result in refusal!

It is important to make sure that all of these requirements are clearly covered in the application and EMSA’s migration team can assist in ensuring the application has the best chance of success.

We can assess the eligibility of your organization, provide advice, assist through the application process and increase the chances of being granted the visa.