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What would one overall student ID mean to students?

Whenever a student first arrives at university, the first thing they are given is their very own ID card to show they are a member of that institution. Aside from getting perks from nearby clubs and cinemas, the ID is supposed to be a unique means to show that someone belongs to a university and use their facilities to complete their studies.

Well, things could be set for a shake-up as the Australian government are looking into a new scheme where student are given a unique identity for whenever they study. With the scheme set to encompass all aspects of education, it may change the entire ideals surrounding the concept of ID’s for both Australian and international students alike.

Rejuvenating old plans

The idea is nothing new with the government having looked into several different student ID schemes in the past without anything coming to fruition. However, the new Student Identifiers Bill would assign each student with their own personal number which can then be used whenever someone enrols onto a course.

Where previous schemes have failed to take off in the last couple of years, the government’s latest plans seem to be much more in place. It would initially be trialled on more vocational courses before being rolled out to more traditional courses once the bill is passed through the government.

Bringing everything under one roof

Owning just one student ID is certainly going to enhance the possibilities surrounding what and where someone can study. It gives students a much more concrete way to show what their past studies have achieved. This can well provide extra benefits to international students too as it would give them an Australian ID which can help them show what they have done since arriving in the country and what else they can learn whilst on their current visa.

Even though it might take some time to come through, giving students their own identity could well be a new way to maintain and boost the prospects of the education sector and make it more appealing to both domestic and international students.

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