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What do people want from Australian universities?

When students look to go to university, it’s usually for numerous reasons whether it’s it to start a specific career, receive specialist training or improve the overall quality of their lifestyle. All these reasons provide a driving force for both domestic and international students to take that next step forward but what is the actual appeal of making the next move?

One of the reasons that Australian universities are becoming increasing popular is due to the quality of teaching that is now found in many institutions. To try and boost their numbers, many universities need to have a high standard of teaching that beats other facilities in the world. Over the years, several of Australia’s leading colleges have done just that and acquired many of the world’s best experts in their field. So it’s no surprise that some universities are now ranked in the top 10 for several subjects such as the University of Melbourne which is now placed in the upper echelons for no less than 6 different subjects making it a popular for both international and local students.

Whilst the teaching quality has now been improved to a world-leading standard, many universities have also looked to upgrade their facilities to help students get the most from their time studying. After all, one of the major attractions to international students is having extensive resources such as industry-spec equipment or extended archives of academic journals and articles. These are the resources that can make the difference in helping students prepare for what they might face in the real world so the better quality they are, the higher likelihood of attracting more students from all corners of the globe.

Of course, whilst universities mainly benefit from their teaching and research facilities, they need to also be found in locations where students will be able to relax and enjoy their time. After all, everyone likes to be in places where they can unwind and enjoy nights in some of the world’s most vibrant cities. Places such as Melbourne and Sydney are global cities which always see new clubs and bars opening up each week making it the perfect place for students to visit and enjoy nights out on a regular basis. With there being several institutions in each of Australia’s major cities, it makes them a popular location for international students to base themselves not just for their studies but also their livelihoods.

Australian universities have now managed to place themselves into the upper folds of the academic world with both the teaching method and research facilities of some universities now ranked in the top 10.  Coupled with the fact that the institutions are housed in some of the most vibrant cities in the world, it means that there are lots of reasons to attract international students to study degrees in Australia.

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