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Western Australia – the place to be

It might be one of the most sparsely populated areas in Australia but WA has now become the most popular place for migrants to settle down within the entire country.

With its high amounts of rich minerals now driving the state’s economy, it has meant people are heading west to land jobs and experience the Aussie lifestyle.

Recent figures showed that 80,000 people moved to the area as of September last year which would have already been a record jump of 3.4% from the year before.

This jump in migration has boosted the reputation of some areas in Perth where 4 out of Australia’s top 5 most exclusive suburbs can now be found. Out of all these, Peppermint Grove, has become the most advantage area within the country.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics, who published the figures, believes that WA is in its best state for almost a generation. In a statement to The Australian, director of demography Bjorn Jarvis said that “Western Australia experienced record levels of population growth and the highest annual growth rate since the early 1970s.”

These figures come at a time when the Australian population is about to reach the 23 million mark for the first time and further underlining the country’s growth in recent years.

Within the statistics, it had been found that the migration population had jumped by 32% over the year with 228,000 migrants being granted a visa over the past year.

Meanwhile, Tasmania struggled to see its population grow with the island being the only state to not see growth go beyond 1% in the past year.

Although the biggest population increase across the country can still be found in some of the more traditional powerhouses as Victoria saw 94,400 people move to the state within the past year.

However, with gold mines bringing in $239 billion over the past year, it wouldn’t be surprising to see WA to become the it place to be over the next few years as everyone flocks to Australia’s largest state in search of more work and a better lifestyle.

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