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Ways to find work in Australia

7th of September, 2012

Australia currently has one of the best performing economies in the world. With low unemployment and skills shortages across many industries, getting a job in Australia can provide you with good prospects for the future. However when looking for a job in Australia, it can be tricky if you don’t know:

  • where to look
  • what employers are looking for
  • what to say in an interview
Direct links to employers
This can be a great way to get a job in Australia. If you have direct relationship with an employer it can help you to stand out from the crowd and make a personal impression.
  • Pound the pavement (visit companies directly with your resume – ask to speak to a manager!)
  • Volunteer: this will give you an opportunity to gain Australian experience and may even lead to work
  • Ask people you know to introduce you to their boss (if a current employee introduces you, it gives you a direct means of talking to the boss)

Recruitment agents

Put simply, recruitment agents get paid to find you work. They work directly for a wide range employers and have multiple jobs across the industry. Some agents specialise in certain areas. The Employment Guide site has a list of recruitment agents and also offer resume templates. For more info, visit

Professional Resume & Cover Letter

Having a professional resume & cover letter is another way to help you stand out from the crowd.  Any little edge you can get will help. Organisations like Red Star Resume offer professional resume services that you can do before you leave for Australia.
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There are a huge range of websites for finding jobs in Australia and depending on what type of job you’re looking for, some are better than others. For part-time jobs, local newspapers and websites like gumtree, seek and career one are best. For professionals, websites like seek and career one are still good as well as others like apply direct, skilled migrant jobs and more. Apply Direct and Skilled Migrant Jobs also feature companies that will sponsor workers!!!

Part time casual


Permanent / Full time

  • (NAB funded)
Professional Internships
Australian Internships, Navitas (foot in the door)

EMSA is working on developing relationships with recruitment agents and employers in order to help our clients pathway from study to work or from migration into a job!

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