Changes to State Sponsorship for Skilled Migrants in WA

WA government announces changes to State Sponsorship for skilled migrants

Over the last few years, Western Australia has benefitted tremendously from the popular skilled migrant programme as workers have flocked to the state in droves to fill work shortages.

However, the high influx of foreign workers has forced officials to re-evaluate their state sponsorship programme and overhaul the way the state directly offers opportunities to.

In the changes, applicants will not be able to lodge direct applications to the WA government from July 1 and will instead have to submit their own Expression of Interest through the SkillSelect system.

Once someone has listed their skills and qualities on SkillSelect, the WA government will then pick and choose candidates they feel will be best qualified to fill a certain position needed within the state.

Alongside that, the WA government are also reviewing their own skilled migrant position list which features all the needed skilled migrants in the state.

As some positions have received much more attention than others, officials in WA are reviewing which occupations are no longer in short demand in the state.

Whilst the list is far from being finalized, there have already been cuts made with biomedical engineering and environmental engineering no longer being supported by the scheme.

Further cuts are likely to be made to the skilled migrant list although the final version of the document won’t be confirmed and published until 1 October this year.

If someone makes an application for state sponsorship in WA before the changes are enforced, then they will be considered under the old regulations.

Further changes are expected to be made by the WA government over the next few months particularly to the eligibility criteria for those wanting state sponsorship which is also under review until October.

Therefore, anyone who is keen to move to Western Australia will need to familiarise themselves with the changes being implemented by the state government before lodging their application and ensure that is granted.

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