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UNSW accepts Gaokao qualifications

Australia has benefitted immensely from Chinese students coming to study in the country over the last few years in many of the top universities.

Now, the University of New South Wales has taken a further step to accepting Chinese students into their courses by formally recognising the gaokao as a proper qualification and entry requirement into their degrees.

The gaokao scores are the results from Chinese high school exams and determine where undergraduates can study within China. However, the growing competition for places within China has led many people to look abroad to study a degree.

By accepting the scores, it means that students from China will become eligible to access a whole range of courses including humanities, engineering and economics.

Many high figures at the institution believe that the move will help make the university a much more attractive destination for international students. In an interview with The Australian, vice chancellor Fiona Docherty said that “this is a sign of respect for China’s hard working students and their families. It is an acknowledgement that we regard Chinese students as among the world’s most dedicated and gifted students.”

The move is just a larger part of UNSW’s China Ready programme which is designed to increase the institution’s presence within the country and take advantage of the students who are unable to get a university place within China.

China is playing a growing role in the university as now 10% of its entire student base now coming from the country on an annual basis.

Over the past few years, many other leading Australian universities have moved to recognise the gaokao as an acceptable entry qualification. In the last 12 months, both the University of Sydney and Monash University recognised the process.

UNSW will start accepting the gaokao as on 2014 and will surely provide Chinese students with a much easier way to make their applications to one of Australia’s leading universities.

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