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University of Melbourne leads Aussie charge in world university rankings

The reputation of Australian universities has risen tremendously over the last 12 month and this has been reflected in the release of the new global ranking system.

In the World Universities rankings for 2012-13, 6 Australian universities were ranked in the top 100 marking an increase from 4 the previous year.

Out of all the institutions in Australia, the University of Melbourne was ranked the highest as they are now placed 28th in the list – a rise of 9 places from last year.

Not to be outdone, ANU also rose in the table moving to 37th which was the same position that Melbourne filled the previous year.

Both of these universities scored over 70 in the ranking with the institutions receiving overall scores of 77.9 and 75.4 respectively.

The list, created by the Times Higher Education Supplement, scores universities on a host of different areas such as research facilities, qualities of teaching and role in the international communities.

But with many Australian universities now becoming a popular destination for international students, it has seen several other facilities feature in the list.

For example, the University of Sydney and University of Queensland Australia came in at 62nd and 65th consolidating their reputations in the international community.

Meanwhile, the University of NSW managed to achieve a placing of 85th in the list whilst Monash University just crept inside the top 100 coming in 99th place.

It marks the growing strength of Australian universities and their improved standing within the global community with 19 institutions across the countries being placed with the list of 400.

As in previous years, the US have dominated the rankings with Caltech leading the entire chart and Stanford sitting in joint 2nd place with Oxford University.

In fact, 76 universities in America ended up being placed in the top 200 rankings which is more than any other country.

But with 6 universities placing inside the top 100, the Australian higher education sector has never been as strong and has solidified why it is such a popular destination for international students to complete their studies.

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