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Survey shows appeal of studying in Australia

9th April 2013

Australia is fast becoming one of the most popular places to study higher education in the entire world. There are many reasons for students to choose Australian universities to complete a course with atmosphere and future job prospects high up on the overall list. These factors have helped the region attract interest from students from all over the world even from countries such as the UK, Germany and India where there are already many strong and reputable universities scattered throughout the country.

One of the biggest draws for international students has been the overall atmosphere that they have experienced when coming to Australia. Generally, most universities will maintain a relaxed policy where lecturers and students can communicate whenever they need to and receive support or guidance on their course. This goes for both personal communication and chatting through e-mails for support. It is not like this everywhere though as countries such as Germany and Netherlands encourage much more independent study and requires students to try and find solutions on their own to help solve any queries.

It’s not just a warm atmosphere that draws students in as the future career prospects within the country is also a big boost to international students. Australia has avoided much of the damage that the global recession had caused a few years ago meaning that the job market has not been hit as badly as some other countries. With many industries having openings in major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, it can be a huge draw to students from places such as the UK or America where there is more competition for jobs in the country. With industries such as mining, technology and design all booming, it is now meant that international students in these fields are able to double up their studies with some experience in a professional setting

The survey was carried out by tourism website who reflected on the positive response that came from their survey. In a statement on their site, the firm said that “While the mining and resources sector continues to grab headlines across Australia, there is no doubt that the education system is also proving to be a major magnet for overseas students.”

With man international students enjoying their time at Australian universities, it means that Australia’s reputation will continue to grow in the education sector and solidify its place as one of the best places to go to university in the entire world.

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