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Survey shows a need for 457 visa

With the 457 skilled migrant visa come under increasing scrutiny in recent months, several industry experts have defended the need for the program.

This has been further underlined by the result from a new report which shows that the 457 scheme has helped the Australian industry remain competitive on a global scale.

In the report by the Migration Council Australia, it showed that nearly 98% of all workers on the skilled migrant visa had performed well and helped their company out during their time in employment.

It showed that nearly 4/5 of international corporations who were based in Australia had used the scheme to hire employees since the visa option was first launched.

Alongside that, 85% of all employers had a beneficial experience when hiring skilled migrant from overseas and would use the programme again in the future.

With so many major companies having decided to use the scheme, experts believe that this shows the need for the visa in the future. These thoughts were underlined by Migration Council Australia’s CEO Carla Wilshire would said that “temporary migration does not just fill skills shortages, it addresses skills deficits and plays a central part in workplace development at the enterprise level.”

However, many temporary migrants have indicated that they were open to making their stay more long-term with 70% of temporary migrants stating they were keen to take up permanent residency.

But the report stated there is room for revisions to be made with the programme needed to be adapted so that successful applicants can bring their family members over without having to go through a complicated and separate visa path.

On top of that, it should also have incentives which means that there is room for both Australian and foreign migrants to work in similar roles and fulfil any shortages within that company.

Whilst the debate surrounding the skilled migrant program is unlikely to die down for a little while, report like this show that the 457 visa does have a role to play in Australian business.

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