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LIVE CHAT: Student Visa changes explained by a migration agent


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Last week and for the first time, EMSA organised a Facebook live chat session, where Shannon Semenikow, as Director and senior migration expert of EMSA, answered all the questions related to the new visa changes starting from the 1st of July. Read here to know how these changes could affect you?

With the aim to simplify the visa system, the Government has reduced the student visa subclasses from eight to two, this means that now the countries will have it a lot simpler to apply for visas. As Shannon explained to the users, “International Education is worth of 19.7 billion AUD dollars to the Australian economy, and the Australian Government wants to double this number for the next 10 years”; and this bigger industry needs more transparency and to simplify the process as much as possible.

With the information available, Immigration is looking forwards to ensure that most of the countries will be able to apply for their visa online, responding to the simplicity aim. Another important change is that international students will need to meet requirements based on the student’s country of citizenship AND the education provider that the student chooses to enrol with. Basically, this means that the main change is that before the 1st of July the assessment level rating depended on the country and the type of course, and from this date it will obey the country and the school that the student is choosing. In this sense, the school will have more responsibility for whom they accept.

The most common questions from the users during the live chat session were regarding the date of the application of visas during the transition, where Shannon assured them that the visa always responds to the criteria at the moment of submitting the application, this means you don’t need to worry if your visa was lodged before these changes were implemented. Another important enquiry that our migration agent received was about the financial requirements in concept of living expenses, which has increased by $1,000/year, so the amount of money that the applicants will need to show for the first year of studies as living expenses is $19,500/year.

Regarding the Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485), the feeling is that this one is not going to be affected by the changes, as it was implemented only a couple of years ago. And in regards to the eligible working hours for the student visas, will still remain 40 hours per fortnight and full-time on holidays.

Finally, some users asked what are the main countries in South-America that will be affected by the new visa changes; from EMSA, the feeling with information available is that for a few countries like Colombia or Brazil these changes will be positive, however all the information hasn’t been revealed by Immigration yet, giving hope to few countries.

If you’re not sure about your particular situation feel free to contact one of our friendly education counsellors ([email protected]) to book your place in our next Free Migration Seminars.

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