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Reports show city life is more popular than the country

Australia has found itself in a population boom in recent years with record numbers of migrants flocking into the country year after year.

A new report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics has showed that Australian cities are proving to be the most popular place for migrants to live.

In fact, many of the state capitals are also revelling from domestic migrants to as they flock to cities for work and families.

Most of the city jumps were found in eastern states with the ACT retaining it spot as the most densely populated region in Australia with Victoria and NSW following not far behind.

The Canberra region now has a population density of 160 people per whilst Victoria recorded a rating of 25 people/

Victoria managed to prove to be the most popular place to move to with 89,000 re-locating to the state in the past year. This is just 3,000 more than Queensland which saw 86,000 new residents move to the region.

Despite both of these regions experiencing high levels of growth, the most packed areas are still found in Sydney which hosts 8 out of the 10 most packed suburbs in Australia.

Many of these areas are found in and around the city with Pyrmont-Ultimo leading the way with a population density of 13,900 per This is slightly more of neighbouring area such as Woolloomooloo (13,600) and Darlinghurst (13,200).

These stats show that there is seemingly no stopping the migration boom that is sweeping Australia in recent years with the country’s growth of 1.7% beating the 1.1% average for the entire globe.

However, with growing numbers in the cities not showing any signs of abating, there are growing concerns that cities such as Sydney and Melbourne could suffer from issues such as overcrowding.

With many city officials looking to find new ways to avoid these problems such as launching new infrastructure changes and schemes, it means that the cities will still remain popular destinations for migrants to settle down for years to come.

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