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Possible skilled migration list changes – March 2020

We’ve just been updated that the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business has announced potential skilled migration list reviews that may be implemented in March 2020. 

The list reviews follow a traffic light style system whereby certain occupations can be:

  • removed from the lists (red)
  • be recommended to be downgraded or upgraded (orange)
  • be added to occupation lists (green). 

What this means for you?

The new changes have a significant impact and could result in people being able to apply or be ineligible to apply depending on the move. 

For example Information and organisation professional NEC (including data scientist), ICT project manager, Sales and Marketing Manager have been flagged to change from STSOL to MLTSSL making them eligible for skilled independent (189) and also Graduate Work (485). 

While other occupations such as automotive electrician, motorcycle mechanic, locksmith, painting trades worker, glazier, wall and floor tiler, cabinetmaker have been earmarked to move from the MLTSSL to the STSOL.

This could mean students that study these courses, may no longer be eligible to apply for the graduate work (485 Visa). This would also limit the possibility of applying for residency through these pathways, as they would not be able to undertake the job ready program. The job ready program and 12 months of experience is needed to get the full skills assessment for these trades. 

The traffic light bulletin is not a decision from the government but more so a list of what may happen and opens it up for consultation with stakeholders and industry to share their input. Then a decision will likely be made in March next year .

To see the list, click here.