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Only five positions removed from the Skilled Occupation List

With July slowly creeping around the corner, it means that it is that time of the year when visa regulations and programmes are refreshed and updated for the coming year.

One of the key programmes currently being refreshed is the skilled migrant programme where the list of needed jobs has been updated by the DIAC for 2013.

In the review, 5 positions will be removed from the current list with pharmacist roles being the main positions to be taken off the list.

Both hospital and retail pharmacists will no longer be featured under the skilled migrant banner as the shortages have been filled in the last year or two.

There has also been a cut down in the number of aeronautical engineering positions within the list too with avionic, mechanical and structural engineers within the industry no longer being included in the list.

When the cuts were announced, the DIAC stated that the list was updated to reflect the changing needs in Australian society. A spokesman for the department stated that “the list of occupations reflects the Australian Government’s commitment to a skilled migration program that delivers skills in need in Australia. The SOL will continue to deliver a skilled migration program focused on high value skills that will help to address Australia’s future skill needs.”

Despite the removal of the 5 positions, the government has yet to add any new positions to the list in other area that may need workers in urban or rural areas.

Even though cuts have been made to the list, there is still a high demand for skilled migrants in many different professions especially nursing where there are numerous shortages in hospitals across the country.

On top of that, the medical industry is still in need of numerous specialists and general practitioners who are fully qualified in their respected fields to help fill vacancies in Australia particularly in rural communities where many of the posts are based.

The changes will come into force on July 1 when the new, updated skills list will be published in full online for prospective applicants to view in their own time.

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