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Newsflash – more options for PhD students in some states!

PhD student studying around Australia were hurt by the removal of life sciences as well as other research and scientific based occupations 2 years ago when the department of home affairs updated their Medium to Long Term Skilled Strategic List and Short Term Occupation List.

The changes 2 years ago, limited the ability for graduates in these fields to access any pathway to skilled migration and instead made it a steep uphill climb with options being limited to employer sponsorship.

But today, the Department of Home Affairs has updated its Medium to Long Term Skilled Strategic List this morning on 11 March 2019. The list now has 212 occupations on it to qualify for skilled migration to Australia. This is an increase of more than 30 occupations which is great news allowing more people in a wider variety of occupations to apply for skilled independent residency if they meet the assessment and points criteria.

Options for PhD graduates have note been greatly increased with the huge variety of occupations, many in PhD fields of study added back to the list. And even better, many of the states and territories around Australia will also be able to add these occupations to their own lists again, providing more options.

For more information on how you can apply and what the changes mean for you, contact on of our Migration Specialists today.

To see the new MLTSSL list click here.

Some of the new occupations added:

arts administrator or manager
environmental manager
dancer or choreographer
music director
musician (instrumental)
artistic director
petroleum engineer
engineering professionals (nec)
environmental research scientist
environmental scientist (nec)
life scientist (general)
marine biologist
life scientists (nec)
university lecturer
multimedia specialist
software and applications programmers (nec)
ICT security specialist
horse trainer
tennis coach

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