Macquarie University: Global Growth Rise of Australian universities

Macquarie University stars in global growth rise of Australian universities

Australian universities have grown in recent years both in quality of teaching and in their reputation allowing for them to attract many international students to their campuses.

It seems that these efforts have been rewarded with several Australian universities landing a place in the QS Top 50 for global universities less than 50 years old.

Sydney based Macquarie University led the charge which was placed 18th in the list – a 2 place drop from where they were ranked last year.

The only other university to be ranked within the top 20 was Melbourne’s RMIT which maintained their 20th place from last year.

One of the biggest surprises in the list has been the meteoric rise of Wollongong University who made their debut in the list in 24th place.

The high rankings show the growing standards of Australian universities with 9 institutions from across the country being ranked in the list. This outshone traditional higher education powerhouses such as the UK and the USA who only had 7 and 2 universities included respectively in the listt.

Many of those included in the list have acknowledged that the amount of success for Australian universities is a just reward for their hard work. These views were echoed by 26th placed Newcastle University’s vice chancellor Caroline McMillen who told The Australian that “all rankings are imperfect but, taken as just one of several indicators, they can show which direction your institution is moving in.”

It wasn’t all straightforward news though as a few Australian universities who were ranked last year suffered significant drops in their ranking. Both Flinders University and the University of SA fell by 10 places from last year’s positions whilst Queensland’s Griffith University wasn’t ranked at all.

In the list itself, Asian universities dominated the higher regions of the chart with 6 of the top 10 being based in the region. Hong Kong’s HKUST lead the way ahead of China’s Nanyang Technology University and the University of Warwick in the UK.

Even though Australian universities have yet to rank completely in the top 10, the presence of so many universities in the list proves the high qualities that can be fund across the country and show why Australia is such a popular place for international student to study.

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