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Learning is key to what we do!

21st February, 2013

Dealing with immigration can be a challenging and, at times, heart breaking experience for both us and our clients. At EMSA though, we strive to constantly learn, evolve and expand our offerings to develop new ways to help our clients realise their education or migration dreams in Australia!

We had one challenging case out Syria this month for two high school students. Initially, their first application for the mother and two children was refused. Upset by this and wanting to understand the reason and rationale behind it, i called the Australian Embassy in Aman and spoke to the senior immigration officer for the region. We spent over 1/2 an hour on the phone discussing the political situation in Syria, the number of visa applications being made including protection visas, tourist visas and student visas. It was great experience in the sense that it furthered my understanding of how and why decisions are made and the complexity of the managing the migration program in war torn regions of the world.

 I thanked the officer for his time and armed with new found knowledge of how immigration views cases, i advised the parents, still traumatised by the refusal, that we should apply again for the children should apply again and stay with a relative in Australia. Hesitant to apply again after being disappointed, they decided (with a slight bit of pushing from me) to risk the application fees and apply again.

End result, after countless hours liaising with the family, immigration and colleges was 2 x successful visas allowing the children to come to Australia this week and commence their studies!

From the team at EMSA, a big congrats to the family and we wish the kids all the best in their studies & life in Australia!