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Indian politicians keen to create new vocational partnerships with Aussie universities

Australia has enjoyed a steady influx of international students coming in every year to study and complete courses at institutions across the country.

India, in particular, has been one of the leading sources for international students over the past few years to Australia which has created strong links between there and Australia.

Now, Indian government officials are looking to create more official partnerships with Australian universities in a bid to improve the vocational skills and capabilities of young Indian students.

Over the last few days, Indian Human Resources Development Minister M Pallam Raju has been visiting both Melbourne and Sydney in a bid to discuss opening up new programmes to help train and develop the practical skills of Indian students.

At the moment, there is estimated to be around 550 million young people in India in need of training and their government have admitted that they are keen to use their international links to help fill the growing demands and job vacancies that have appeared in the growing Indian industrial sector.

During the visit, Raju has spoken with various universities to improve training programmes and he will also attend an Australian Indian Education Council Meeting to discuss some of the future plans to help further the educational links between the two countries.

The two sides already have several principal agreements in place which has opened up a lot of opportunities for Indian students to study in Australia after the links were created by former PM Julia Gillard.

Now, Raju has stated that they he hopes to further develop the links further between the two countries and would endeavour to look into all areas of the educational system.  These views were confirmed by the Minister who told the PTI that “we are looking at expanding the ties by holding joint research, exchange of faculties, movement of students and also trying to make higher education more enabling.”

Raju’s visit shows how advanced the relationship between the Indian and Australian governments have become and will certainly mean that we are likely to see more links and partnerships formed between the two countries as they continue to support the need for higher education.

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