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Government videos shows new life for refuges in Australia

Australia has always been a land where migration has played a key role and in recent years, it has been an increasingly popular destination for refugees to seek a new safe life for their family.

Whilst there has been some negative press about refugees trying to settle in Australia in recent months, the Australian government has created a series of videos that shows the amazing jump in quality of life for those who have settled into a new life on Australian shores

The videos, dubbed as Pathway to Protection, have been created as part of International Refugee week which looks to highlight the struggles of those displaced from their homes around the world because of war and famine and the role in which government has played to help improve their overall quality of life.

In the first video to be released, it shows the steps that a Bhutanese family has taken from a refugee camp in Nepal to a new, settled life in Tasmania with the aid from the Australian government.

The government are hoping that by releasing their new series, it will help show some of the more encouraging ideas of international migration for refugees and how they can fit in within Australian communities. This was emphasised by Department of Immigration national communications manager Sandi Logan who told Mumbrella that “Refugee Week is a chance for us to go out and celebrate all the wonderful things that refugees have brought and continue to bring, notwithstanding that it is particularly fraught given the at-times contentious climate the prospect of refugees has in our current (political) climate.”

The topic of refugees has become a hotly contested issue in Australia over the last few years as keen immigrant have reverted to more desperate attempts to seek asylum such as by sailing across the Indian Ocean in small, overcrowded boats.

Whilst the issue has highly divided both communities and politicians throughout the country, there has still been a steady stream of refuges looking to migrate to the country in search of a better life for themselves and their family.

There will always be questions raised about the amount of refugees who are allowed to settle within Australia but as the Pathway to Protection videos show, some governmental support can help them settle into a new life within Australia and show some of the positive sides of international migration.

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