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11th of September, 2012

At EMSA, we specialise in helping  our clients through the entire education process. When choosing a course, it’s important to study something you’re interested in and that will help your future career. We provide free counselling & visa application services for education and also offer free, small group monthly seminars at our Gold Coast office that provide you with information on:

  • Education providers available (from VET to University)
  • Course structure and prices
  • Courses needed to meet skill requirements for skilled occupations
as well as answering any questions you may have. To book a free presentation, visit our registration page.

Unlike regular education agents, EMSA also has a team of friendly Migration Agents that can also provide up to date information on your all your visa options including:

Free study guidance 1

The best advice in migration

  • student
  • employer sponsored
  • skilled migration
  • tourist
  • spouse
  • family

& more.

For a free assessment, take our online assessment.

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