First round of Skill Select invitations

29th of August

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship released their first round of offers on the 1st of August. The first round of offers was extremely small and this is likely due to the issues that immigration has had with the new system and to ensure that everything went smoothly.

It is anticipated the next round of offers will happen on the 1st of September (next week).

In the first would of offers, only scores of 75 points or higher received offers.

For more information, check out the results below:

First round of Skill Select invitations 1










This process does not include nominations by state and territory governments, which also result in invitations being issued.

State and territory governments have been nominating clients since 1 July 2012 and data on outcomes is provided below.


First round of Skill Select invitations 2
For more information on:
  • the occupations
  • number of EOI’s received so far

Check out the following link:

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