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DIAC launch series of workshops to explain visa changes

With immigration sometimes being a complicated and testing time for applicants, it’s always important for migrants to be made aware about any major changes.

There has been growing concerns and debate about the regulations surrounding the 457 skilled migrant visa o the DIAC has decided to take to the road to discuss the issue with those involved in the scheme.

During the tour, officials from the department will visit a whole host of towns across Australia where skilled migrants have settled or are looking to stay permanently to explain the recent changes made to the program.

It will focus on the need for the program and the options that are available to both migrants and employers who are looking to get involved in the scheme. Alongside focusing on the necessity for the program, the workshop will also highlight the laws and the penalties that could face those who breach the conditions of the visa.

There has been a spate of cases in recent months where several businesses have been sanctioned as they violated the conditions of the skilled migrant visa.

In a statement to the press, a DIAC spokesman spoke for the need of the initiative and stressed the importance of using it correctly. During the announcement, he said that “The department is committed to ensuring the integrity of Australia’s migration and visa programmes. People must have a valid visa to remain in the country.”

Alongside highlighting the benefits to those currently involved with the skilled migrant program, the conference will also provide those with migration issues to chat with an immigration officer and see if they can get issues such as bridging visas approved whilst they wait for applications to be processed.

By launching the series of seminars, the DIAC will hope that they will be able to improve the awareness about the skilled migrant programme and ensure that those migrating to Australia do it in the correct and appropriate way.

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