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Deakin and La Trobe offer online course to students

International students have always been drawn to Australian universities thanks to their innovative techniques and high class facilities.

Now, two of Australia’s leading universities will start offering their students the chance to complete massive open online courses which will be the first of their kind for the institutions.

Deakin University and La Trobe University have both unveiled their own courses in which students can be awarded credits towards their qualifications.

Victoria-based Deakin University will launch a specially created course on humanitarian emergencies which can be taken for free or marked as part of an additional course for $495.

Meanwhile, La Trobe University are looking to build on their previous online success on their trial Ancient Rome course and they are now planning to the offer the course during their initial foray into the world of massive open online course. This can be taken either for free or used an entire first-year qualification for a fee of $819.

MOOC’s are one of the fastest growing forms of unit and courses to take over the higher education industry with students able to complete the entire course online.

By basing units and assessments online, it will mean that students will be able to complete the entire course in their own time and help bridge any communication gaps that may affect those who have a limited grasp of English.

Many of those involved in launching the courses believe that embracing digital technology is one of the most essential things that universities need to do to help them grow in the modern age. This was underlined by Deakin University’s deputy vice chancellor Beverly Oliver who told that “to me it is one possible way of authenticating online learning, because that is the challenge for all of us.”

Deakin and La Trobe aren’t the first universities to trial the scheme within Australia though as the University of Melbourne and Monash University already getting involved within the scheme.

With more people starting to embrace MOOC’s, it means that students will be able to study some of their units from their own home which can certainly make life easier for international students who are keen to get a qualification from an Australian university.


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