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Community looking to save skilled migrant program

The government has been putting a lot of work into cutting down on skilled migrants program in recent months amongst growing frustration in some community.

However, one Victorian town are looking to do anything possible in order to save the program in their area which has helped put many migrants to work within their local region.

Officials in Warrnambool are looking to campaign and raise funds to prevent the Great South Coast migration programme from being cut on May 15.

Since it was first started, the scheme has placed over 200 people into jobs within the region and helped industry grow around Warrnambool and the Great Ocean Road.

Many of the jobs have been mainly within the hospitality and medicinal industries where chefs, GP’s and nurses are needed in towns and cities across the region.

The cut in funding from the government is seen by a blow by many who believe that the programme has helped the communities grow in recent years. This was echoed by Warrnambool City Councillor Jacinta Ermacora who told The Warrnambool Standard that “it might seem like a small thing to attract a person to fill a skill shortage, but it builds more jobs.”

At the moment, there are over 60 people waiting to be granted skill migrant visas within the region due to the Great South Coast skilled programme.

With this in mind, the Victorian government has been very quick to state that they are still very much behind the local programme and helping skilled migrants fill vacant positions within the region. This was echoed by Labor’s Western Victoria member Gayle Tierney who said that “it has been critical in the ongoing development of the south-west since its inception.”

With Warrnambool officials looking to do whatever they can to keep the programme running, it seems that the whole town will need to band together in order to make the Great South Coast still one of the most appealing places for skilled migrant to come and work with the community.

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