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Chinese students’ major beneficiaries of student reforms

A couple of months ago, the federal government announced reforms to make Australia a more attractive destination to international students.

It seems as if the strategy has paid off with a new report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) finding that there has been a substantial jump in the number of Chinese students attending university in Australian.

Over the past year, applications from China have risen by 34% in comparison to the same period in 2011-2012. On top of that, there had also been an increase of student visa applications made within Australia increased by 17%.

With such a dramatic rise in applications, it now means that Chinese student now represent 22% of the entire foreign student population within Australia with 36% of all student applications coming from China.

Alongside the visa reforms, the growth in the number of student visa applications is down to a growing need for degrees that are internationally recognised from leading universities.

The stats have been well received by industry experts who believe that the reforms have helped boost the popularity of Australia to foreign students. This was underlined by the Council of Private Higher Education Adrian McComb who told The Australian that “The whole process is better understood and working more effectively. Experience from the universities shows that it has improved compliance”

However, the reforms have not appealed to all those interested in pursuing higher education in Australia. The ABS report showed that approval from onshore applications from Indian students had dropped by half over the past year.

This is mainly been down to vocational colleges being excluded from the new streamlined reform making it much more difficult for visa applications to be accepted in the long run.

Naturally, this has placed growing pressure on vocational colleges who are struggling to fill places on many of their courses.

Despite Indian students struggling with on shore applications, many offshore applicants are experiencing success with students from developing countries such as Indonesia and Nigeria enjoying record numbers of applications being accepted.

With the student visa reforms making it a lot simpler for students to study in Australia, it means that the country can now be considered one of the most attractive places to study for student from al corners of the globe.

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