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China Exchange aims to boost links with Victorian universities

China has become one of the hottest tech markets in the world with the country hosting many upcoming firms that are quickly becoming household names.

One of these is mobile phone manufacturer Huawei who have teamed up several Victorian universities to give students an opportunity to complete some professional training in China.

Open to anyone who is currently studying ICT, participants in the initiative will be given to the opportunity to tour China for three weeks and get a taste for an industry which is one of the strongest in the country.

Many of Victoria’s leading universities have signed up to the programme such as University of Melbourne, RMIT, La Trobe University and Monash University just to name a few.

During the programme, students will be based at Huawei’s main technological facilities in Shenzhen and learn about of all the company’s products and methods that go in to developing smartphones and tablets.

Alongside that, students will also gain an additional qualification from the Beijing University of Language and Culture to help students gain a communicative and cultural understanding of China as a whole.

ICT courses are now becoming one of the most essential and popular degrees to have and course in Australia has attracted interest from students across the world particularly those from India and the Far East.

It’s this growing reputation with international students that has meant that the Victorian Government are now backing professional schemes such as the China Exchange to help underline the need for such courses in the local community. This was underlined by Victorian Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips who stated that “the program is complementary to the Victorian Coalition Government’s focus on building cultural and business ties with China and furthering the capabilities of our already strong Victorian ICT industry”.

As ties with Chinese industry grow even stronger, it will mean that universities throughout Victoria will continue to improve their reputation throughout the world as the international community takes notice of Australian institutions.

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