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Canberra aims to become international student hotspot

Traditionally, most international students looking to study in Australia often focus on major cities such as Melbourne and Sydney which are home to the most renowned institutions in Australia as well as having diverse entertainment and cultural appeals to students.

However, leading figures in Canberra are looking to change that dynamic by launching a new initiative to promote the capital city to international students and boost the local economy.

Numerous discussions have been held over the past few weeks between the vice chancellors at both ANU and the University of Canberra alongside the ACT government to discuss a plan that will convince students to study in the city.

In a bid to get things kick-started as soon as possible, the ACT government has set aside $2m in funding to help support universities in their quest to attract students to Canberra.

Many leading figures in Canberra believe that bringing students into the city will be one of the principal ways to help the city grow over the next few years. This was underlined by ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher who told ABC that “we should really put all our energy into growing the international side of higher education here and focus on markets like China and India as the prime areas to target and grow the reputation of Canberra.”

The international student population has grown considerably in the last few years with around 20% of all students in Australia now coming from overseas.

Leading figures at the University of Canberra have also stated that international students are able to generate around $28,000 to the local economy which means that attracting more keen learners to the city’s two universities can also be a huge financial benefit to the area as well as a cultural one.

Many of the leading figures in Canberra have been looking to promote the city in recent months as it celebrates its 100th birthday in 2013

With both ANU and the University of Canberra also enjoying a growing reputation in the last few years, it seems that Canberra is all set to become one of the leading international student hotspots in Australia for the next few years.

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