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Welcome to EMSA Guadalajara!


After only a couple of weeks of opening the Mexico Branch which will be located in Guadalajara in the beautiful state of Jalisco (this is where the Tequila and Mariachi comes from!) back in May 2017, the first international student from Mexico makes the call to contact EMSAs office.

Jessica Pineda is EMSA Guadalajara first proud international student!

Jessica en TAFE 1

The first international student for the Guadalajara office wanted to improve her English knowledge by experiencing the Australian lifestyle in the stunning city of Brisbane.

She just recently finished High school in Mexico but the Facebook pictures and stories from her aunt caught her attention to the point she couldn’t resist any longer to set foot in the land of down under.

She made the first contact with Eduardo Vazquez, the representative of the office in Guadalajara who was still residing in Brisbane and gave Jessica all the support and guidance through the student visa process, backed up with the strong experience of the rest of the EMSA Brisbane team and the rest is History.

Helping the young ones to achieve their dreams in Australia!

She ended up selecting TAFE Queensland as the institution to master her English Language skills and it’s quite happy not only with her selection but also with the service and support from the EMSA team. Another happy student starting a very important stage of her life in this beautiful country.

Sharing Jessica’s thoughts about EMSA:

“EMSA assisted me in the process of selecting the English course and institution as well as to process my student visa in a very professional manner, which facilitates to settle in a totally different country with different language and culture.

So far, my experience in Australia has been very positive and inspires to keep fighting for your dreams in a country that offers plenty of development and opportunities!”

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For more information:

Eduardo Vázquez Pérez
Cel: (+52 1) 33 24 61 83 24
[email protected]

Diana Vázquez Pérez
Cel: (+52 1) 33 24 61 83 24
[email protected]

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