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Australian universities climb into QS top 10 rankings

Australian universities have put a lot of effort into improving the quality of their courses in recent years to make them more appealing to international students.

Well, it seems that all this hard work has paid off with several institutions being ranked in the top 10 of QS’ global university rankings for several different subjects.

By far the most successful subject was education where three Australian universities were ranked in the top ten with the University of Melbourne placing third.

Monash University weren’t far behind with their education department being ranked 6th and the University of Sydney placing in 8th.

The success has been met as a pleasant surprise by those at the universities who believe it recognises all their hard work over the past year. This was characterized by comments made by Field Rickards, dean of the graduate school of education at University of Melbourne, who told the Sydney Morning Herald that “this reflects on our innovative graduate programs, which are attracting very high quality candidates.”

Psychology also ranked highly in the rankings with another 3 institutions being placed in the global top 10 including the University of Melbourne (7th), University of Queensland (9th) and University of New South Wales (10th).

In the rankings, the University of Melbourne was clearly Australia’s leading university having further placed in the top 10 for numerous subjects such as law, linguistics, finance and medicine.

Alongside them, the Australian National University also placed well experiencing high rankings in international studies, history, linguistics and philosophy.

Most of Australia’s leading universities managed to place in the top 10 rankings for at least one subject which shows the overall strength of the higher education system within Australia and their available courses.

For example, the University of Queensland was placed in the top ten for both agriculture and environmental sciences meanwhile the University of Sydney were also ranked highly for both finance and law.

The QS rankings are one of the most prestigious university league tables in the world with 70,000 academics from around the world ranking universities on numerous aspects such as quality of the course and their research facilities.

With many Australian universities placing in the top 10 of many subjects, it shows why many students are eager to study in Australia for both their undergraduate and post-grad courses.

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