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Australian property market a popular attraction for Chinese settlers

When moving to a country, getting a good source of income has always been a critical and important aspect to establish early and help settle into a new life.

It seems that the property market in Australia is now becoming a popular tool for international migrants to earn some extra money on the side as more and more expats are investing into property.

Migrants, particularly from China, have paid so much attention to the market itself that they are now having a significant impact and say on the status of the industry throughout the country.

As more and more Chinese migrants choose to invest in the property market, it has seen prices within local communities fluctuate within the direction that foreign buyers have bought properties in that area.

With the Australian economy having slowed somewhat in the past year or so, house prices have continued to rise meaning that foreign investors are more able to purchase properties rather than local residents.

Chinese residents are the leading number of international migrants into Australia every year and it means that they are now starting to gain more influence and say on matters within the country such as the property market.

In particular, a lot of Chinese businessmen and tradesmen have chosen to set their firms up in Australia and the wealth generated from these businesses has been put back into other avenues such as buying and investing in houses.

This money has proven to be a valuable asset to one of the most knife-edge industries in Australia and has prevented from the market from stalling or declining in the last few months.

As the government has continued to make immigration less complicated between Australia and China, it seems that the investment from Chinese migrants into buying properties could help prop and support the property market through its current transitional period.

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