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Australian migration plans to stay at current levels


Australia has been experiencing from a migration boom in recent years with thousands of people moving to the country throughout the last few years.

With this in mind, the Australian government has announced that the migration cap will stay at 190,000 for both 2013 and 2014.

The aim of keeping the current limits is to help fill job shortages in some regions and industries and to allow families to move to Australia as a unit.

In the announcement, it was confirmed that there would be 128,550 places for skilled migrants whilst an additional 60,885 places were allocated for family applications. The numbers marks a minute growth for the family streams whilst there is a slight drop in the number of business visa spots.

The government are hoping that by staying at the current levels, it will help maintain an equal balance between meeting the personal and professional gaps in Australian society.

During the announcement, the Immigration and Citizenship Minister Brendan O’Connor stated that there was still a need to place a heavy emphasis on migration particularly in skilled careers. When speaking to the press, he said that “It is important that our skilled migration programme is driven by genuine skills needs. Under the Gillard Government, skilled migration to Australia will continue to be carefully targeted to ensure skilled migrants complement but do not replace the domestic labour force.”

The move has come at a time where the skilled migration programme has come under some criticism from both the public and opposition ministers who believed that Australian workers had been overlooked for some jobs.

Despite the mixed views on the matter, there has still been a huge demand for visa applications to Australia with a record number of visas being accepted in 2012.

This has created a huge boom in some industries such as mining who have benefitted considerably from foreign workers lending their skills to help unearth minerals such as gypsum and opal.

With the migration boom not showing any signs of slowing down, the move to maintain current numbers will be one that is beneficial to both immigrants and those living in Australia.

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