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Australian Launches new health care procedures

 For anyone migrant looking to move to Australia, they need to meet certain health requirements to be allowed into the country.

This would sometimes actually involve a physical examination by doctors to make sure that they are fit to enter the country without bringing in any tropical or threatening diseases.

So, the Australian government have announced a new partnership with New Zealand which will see the two countries manage a new panel of physicians to oversee any physical examinations.

The move will see a new network of both radiologists and general physicians created and send to examine any migrant who may want to live and work in either of the countries.

One of the main aims that the panel will be looking to focus on will be monitoring and preventing tuberculosis entering the country.

Tuberculosis is a disease which has been eradicated in Australia and the new network should help improve the screening methods for the disease and prevent it from ever entering into the country.

The reforms are also expected to help save on the costs required to train and allocate doctors to perform physical examinations when they are required.

With Australia and New Zealand both sharing similar requirements for migrants to possess before getting their visa granted, the move will help both the immigrations bodies of the two nations to work together and ensure that the well-being of both the countries will be maintained.

It will also make the process for applicants easier to use too with some examinations being able to be completed electronically which can make it easier to complete one of the basic requisites needed to be granted a visa.

The new partnership will be initiated in three stages with everything being fully operation by mid-way through 2014.

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