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3rd working holiday visa coming! To start in July!


The Department of Home Affairs announced today that starting on the 1st of July, eligible Working Holiday (417 visa) and Work and Holiday (462 visa) visa holders would be eligible to apply for a 3rd working visa!

The criteria for the 3rd visa are the same that are currently in place for the 2nd working holiday (or work and holiday) visa requiring applicants to do 6 months of work in a regional area in order to renew their visa.

The visa is likely designed to encourage more backpackers and temporary workers to move to regional areas in order to help with growing shortages in the agriculture and hospitality sectors.

In particular, the Regulations increase the maximum number of ‘working holiday maker’ visas that a person may hold in Australia from two to three if they meet additional work requirements. The applicant is required to complete 6 months specified work in specified circumstances in order to be eligible for a third ‘working holiday maker’ visa.

According to the Migration Institute of Australia, applicants for third WHV must have undertaken 6 months specified work while holding a second WHV and that this work was carried out on or after 1 July 2019.

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