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New State Sponsorship program for New South Wales



Are you considering living and working in New South Wales and are looking to apply for state sponsorship through the Skilled Nominated subclass 190 visa? There are some important changes to the NSW state sponsorship program that you need to be aware of, which will be introduced from February 2015.

The state of NSW is an extremely popular and a highly competitive destination for skilled migrants. NSW has Australia’s largest state skills visa nomination program offering 4,000 places. NSW Trade & Investment is introducing a selection-based invitation process for the subclass 190 program in 2015. The new program will focus on ensuring places allocated are aligned to the skills needs of the states economy.


How does this new program work?


Under the selection and invitation process for the 190 program, prospective candidates can only apply for NSW nomination if they have been selected from SkillSelect and invited by NSW Trade & Investment.


NSW Trade & Investment will be sourcing and selecting candidates who have submitted an Expression of Interest (EOI) in SkillSelect, and indicated that they wish to be considered for NSW nomination for a subclass 190 visa.


As in previous programs, the selection process will be highly competitive. NSW will be ranking candidates based on the following core criteria:


  • Candidates DIBP points score
  • English language ability
  • Skilled employment
  • Date and time that the EOI was submitted in Skill Select


The top-ranking candidates will be the first to be invited to apply and NSW will determine how many invitations are issued on an ongoing basis.


Between February and June 2015 NSW Trade & Investment will be selecting and inviting candidates to apply.


Candidates who are invited to apply for NSW nomination will receive an invitation and will have 14 days to apply for nomination.


For further information on the nomination application process please send us an email to We will be happy to assist you in your case.


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    How is the aplicación for worlk visa?..
    Im living in Buenos Aires but i want to live in Perth or Adelaide…

    Thanks for the advices….

    Regards, Emiliano

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    I have met all eligibility requirement for the NSW state sponsorship 190 visa but with 55 DIBP points.
    What are my chances of getting their sponsorship with 55 points?

    Hope to hear from you.

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    Hello Team-

    have filed my EOI with NSW as an internal auditor (221214)
    points as below :

    Age – 30
    English -0
    work exp- 15
    education- 15
    state sponsorship -5
    total -65

    what are the chances of getting an invite.

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    My mame is Star.Live in sydney near 8 years.I have diploma in business and HR. I have my Working visa 457 already work for 3and half years.In the end my boss not did my paper work to apply for my PR I turn 50 years old on 7/1/2016.still working on 457. My wife has 5 years experience in child care with her certificate 3 and Diploma she is 40 years old. How we can apply fr PR in aus. Even in regional you help me thank.
    Best regards

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    EOI submitted 15.03.2016 for 233512 mechanical engineer. For ss 190 with 55+5 points
    IELTS 7 OVERALL (L7.5,R7,W6.5,S6.5)
    AGE 36 =25 POINTS

    WHAT are chances of getting invitation from NSW and how much time is required.


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