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How to create a winning resume?

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It can be really motivating to look through job advertisements, imagining yourself nailing that interview or envisioning yourself in your ideal job. But no matter what, before you hit the “submit” button on a job site, pause for a minute to evaluate the quality of your resume.


Understanding a couple of tips can help you create a winning resume, that is going to get noticed and speak for you to the employers.


Tips for making a superior resume:


Be concise

It is important to ensure that your resume is under two pages long, especially when you are a fresh graduate. This implies skipping superfluous detail and abstaining from ‘drifting’. So it’s always best to keep it concise and to the point and just incorporate the essential information.


Preferred Format

Make it a point to write your telephone number, email and address under your name so the hirer knows how to contact you.


Think about including as a short objective or professional summary which tells the employer your career goals and interests. When they like what they read in the initial three sentences, it will urge them to continue reading to take in more about you.


Write about your employment history next. Verify that you give dates to indicate the time you’ve spent in each of your past jobs. List your educational qualifications, prepare your skills, show off your accomplishments, and afterwards give a rundown of your interests and quality references. Interests and hobbies, however, shouldn’t take up an excessive amount of significant space.


What to avoid

It’s always better to avoid elements like your age or, your relationship status, or any medical issues or handicaps as employers may be able to use it to discriminate against you.


Keep it basic

Ensure that there are no sentence or spelling errors by reviewing the document thoroughly using spell-checker. It’s always best to keep it basic. Pick a clear text style with a size 11 font and use dark shading as this is usually easiest and simplest to read. It really helps to get feedback from a professional consultant.


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