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We are
Education and Migration Services Australia

and we are a team of education counsellors and migration agents, ready to give you the best advice and support for your new adventure in Australia.

Daniela Di Salvo

My name is
Daniela Di Salvo,
and I am part of the EMSA team
as a Student Support Officer!

How can I
help you?

Daniela Di Salvo

As Student Support Officer, I can help you with everything you need!
For example:

Obtain necessary certificates
to work

  • RSA (responsible service of alcohol)
  • Barista
  • White card
  • Blue card
  • Food safety

Applications to obtain:

  • Tax file number

    Tax File Number - TFN:

    Is an identification number that every person needs to be paid per hour

  • Australian business number

    Australian Business Number - ABN

    (If applies): it refers to an identificacion number from a business. Every person who has an intention or already has a established company in Australia, requires an ABN

Advice to improve your RESUME

To apply for jobs in Australia is important to take into account

that your CV must have the correct information and structure. Having a good resume will increase your chances at the moment of applying for a job.

  • Layout
  • Accurate and assertive information
  • Correct design
Daniela Di Salvo
International student looking for a job

Job search

I offer you TIPS and help at the moment of searching jobs, besides a fortnightly database with job offers.

Help opening your
bank account

International student opening a bank account
International student mobile plan

Getting your
mobile plan

Guiding about public transport (Getting concesion, public transport card, among others)

Daniela Di Salvo

What are the benefits of contacting me?

  • Personalised advice

    Personalised advice

  • Free Service

    Completely FREE service

  • EMSA Network

    You will become part of the EMSA network and know about job offers in advance

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