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Work in Australia (India)

Student jobs Australia One of the best things about being an international student in Australia is that you can work up to 40 hours per fortnight (every two weeks) and full time during holidays. It typically takes students around two months to find their first job, so make sure you have enough money to cover [...]

Travel in Australia (India)

Public transport in Australia If you’re migrating to Australia – you’ll need to know how to get around on public transport. Every city in Australia has its own public transport options. These include trains, buses, bicycles and ferries (boats). Most of them are integrated, which means you can use one travel card across different means [...]

Testimonials (India)

Testimonials Finding migration agents is easy. But choosing the best one for your needs? That’s a little harder. At EMSA we’ve helped more than 1,000 people with their visa and education needs. If you want to know what our services are really like, read our migration agent reviews. You can see many more recommendations on [...]

Study in Australia (India)

Study in AustraliaIf you want to study overseas, Australia has a lot to offer: world-class educational institutions, a great lifestyle, and enticing travel opportunities. What to study and where We provide a free service designed to find the best course to match your education, financial and lifestyle needs. Then we help you create a successful [...]

Student Accomodation (India)

Living in Australia as a student offers you a number of choices when it comes to accommodations types, depending on your personal preference. You can board with an Australian family to get a real taste of everyday life, you can rent a house or an apartment, or you can share accommodations with other students. Here [...]

Regional Sponsored Migration (India)

Regional Sponsored Migration The 187 Visa is a permanent work visa that allows employers in regional or low population areas fill skills shortages with overseas workers. We know what it’s like for employers to struggle with skills shortages, and we’re passionate about making the sponsorship process easy for everyone. Here’s how the Regional Sponsored Migration [...]

Post Study / Graduate Work Visa (India)

The 485 Visa is for international students who have recently graduated from an Australian educational institution. If you’re wondering what to do after studying in Australia, this visa can provide a pathway to permanent residency. What does a Post Study or Graduate Work Visa allow me to do? You can travel, work and study in [...]

Places in Australia (India)

Best places to live in AustraliaAre you thinking of migrating to Australia and trying to figure out where to live? Our city guide will get you started on finding the best places to live in Australia. We know that affordability is especially important to students, so we’ve included comments about the cheapest (and most expensive) [...]

Partner Visa (India)

Love has no borders. At EMSA, we help bring couples together to live in Australia by helping them navigate the Partner Visa process. Which visa to apply for? How to meet the criteria? How long will it take? Are children included? We can answer all these questions and more. Give yourself the best chance at [...]

Parent Visa (India)

The Parent Visa lets an Australian citizen or permanent resident sponsor their parents to migrate to Australia. Who can apply to sponsor their parents? An Australian permanent resident must have lived in Australia for at least two years before lodging the visa application to sponsor their parents. An Australian citizen must have lived here for [...]
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