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In the 2014/15 year, there are 1000 places for Chid Care Centre Managers.


Childcare Centre Manager is an occupation in demand in Australia. In the 2014/15 year, there are 1000 places for Chid Care Centre Managers.

If you are an international student and complete a Diploma in Children’s Services, then, providing you gained experience during your course, then you may qualify for a graduate visa. Graduate visas can be granted for 18 months and allow students to work full time in Australia. This could lead to opportunities for skilled independent or employer sponsored permanent residency.

To meet the requirements for the graduate visa, students need to: 

  • gain experience in a child care centre while studying and show proof (we can assist with this)
  • have an IELTS score of 6.0 in each band 
  • be aged between the ages of 18 – 49
  • be in good health and character 
  • have health insurance 

It’s extremely important that the right information is provided to ensure success in this and an EMSA registered migration agent can assist in this process. We’ve helped a large number of people through this process.

From the graduate visa, there are a range of potential pathways that could lead to residency. This includes:

  • Undertake the job ready program (full time experience doing tasks and duties of Child Care Centre Manager (or supervisor*), 
  • gain a full assessment, then
  • Meet the points test, submit an expression of interest
  • If invited apply for residency

Regional employer sponsorship, temporary employer sponsorship are all potential pathways that students could take.

For more information on how EMSA can assist, please contact us today. or 1300 362 377.

* for specific migration information, book an appointment with a registered migration agent.


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    Hola buenas tardes estoy interesada en esta opcion quiero 1. aprender ingles 2. Trabajar y interactuar con otra personas de otros paises en mi paso de conocer el ingles. Soy licenciada en Ciencias Sociales y tengo una experiencia de 8 años como docente. Quiero ademas decirles que quiero que mi hijo de 8 años viaje conmigo y tambien estudie ingles gracias.

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    I am currently studying diploma first stage in Canberra Institute of Technology and I would finish my study in June 2016. I am interested in staying on gratuate visa after my studies and want to apply through EMSA.So, I would like to know about what documents and works do I need to start preparing with.


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