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Meet our team

“I’m so proud that we’ve had the privilege of helping so many people achieve their dreams and companies build their businesses. EMSA’s most important asset is, our amazing team. Thank you all for what we’ve achieved together.”

  • Shannon Semenikow

    Shannon Semenikow

    Director, Education and Migration Services Australia

  • Siobhan Chisholm

    Siobhan Chisholm

    Operations Manager

  • Diana Huertas

    Diana Huertas

    Marketing and Education Team Manager

  • Santiago Moreno

    Santiago Moreno

    Education Team Leader

  • Keyla Nieves

    Keyla Nieves

    Education Team Supervisor

  • Eva Galarza

    Eva Galarza

    Education and Visa Specialist

  • Julie Troja

    Julie Troja

    Migration Agent

  • Laura Castro

    Laura Castro

    Education Counsellor

  • Diana Lopez

    Diana Lopez

    Education Counsellor

  • Mayerli Sanabria

    Mayerli Sanabria

    Education Counsellor

  • Daniela Di Salvo

    Daniela Di Salvo

    Student Support Officer