Employer sponsorship

Employer sponsored visa

We hear from lots of employers that finding suitably skilled staff is difficult in Australia. So is keeping employee turnover down. That’s why sponsoring and employing a skilled worker can be an attractive option.

But if you don’t deal with visas and migration processes every day, the process can be overwhelming. Employers and skilled migrants rely on EMSA for the best chance of success, in the shortest possible time. We love to help Australian organisations employ a diverse workforce, while helping skilled migrants enjoy a new start in Australia.

Employer sponsored visas for Australia: Your options

There are three main types of employer-sponsored visas:

Temporary Work Visa (482 Visa)

A temporary work visa for up to four years. It requires sponsorship by an employer in Australia.

Employer Nomination Scheme – ENS (186 Visa)

A permanent work visa that allows employers to fill skills shortages with overseas workers where there is a local shortage.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme – RSMS (187 Visa)

A permanent work visa for employers in regional or low population areas. Easier conditions than the ENS.