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EMSA Charity Project August 2013


At EMSA, we believe in giving back to the international community. EMSA will be making a donation to a charity this month to help the less fortunate. We would like you, our clients and friends, to helps us to make the decision on where to give.

Share this survey with your friends, choose one preferred charity project from one of the options, and the EMSA team will make it happen!

Click the link below or the  goto our Facebook page, click on Survey Monkey Tab on the page menu to take the survey.


Option 1: A piglet

Nothing says ‘you’re amazing’ like a piglet! Your gift will grow big and strong and produce more piglets for a woman to sell and earn an income.


Option 2: Send a girl to school

Around 70 per cent of the world’s out-of-school young people are girls. Provide one girl with everything she needs to attend school for a year and she will have a better chance to grow up to earn an income, be healthy and educate her own children.


Option 3: Train and equip a birth attendant 

Train a birth attendant and provide them with equipment to ensure a baby’s safe delivery into the world. The gift every mother deserves.



Option 4: Clean water for a family 

Some people walk for many hours every day to collect water for their families. Give a gift that will provide a family with clean and safe water so they can stay healthy, and give women and girls time to go to school or earn an income.


Thank you very much for your support



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