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Children’s Services and the Graduate Work Visa (subclass 485). 


Are you studying a child care career and you are about to finish? Do you know what comes next? Do you know about the Graduate Work Visa? If your answer was not to any of this questions, maybe this article will help you defining your future here in Australia.

The Graduate Work (subclass 485) is a visa that allows international students who have studied a course relating to an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) to stay in Australia for 18 months after graduation, to work and enjoy Australian life.

As Child Care Centre Manager is on the Skilled Occupation List, studying a Diploma in Children’s Services can lead to students being eligible to apply for this visa providing they meet the basic requirements.
The basic requirements for this visa are:
  • Complete 2 years of eligible study (e.g. Diploma in Children’s Services with Charlton Brown)
  • Gain a skills assessment in your occupation
    • Qualification (e.g. Diploma in Children’s Services)
    • Have more than 360 hours of related work experience / vocational placement
  • Meet the minimum English requirements (equivalent to IELTS of 6.0 in each band – other tests also excepted)
  • Meet health and character requirements
  • Be 18 – 49 years of age
For more information on this or any other visa, contact an EMSA Registered Migration Agent sending an email to or calling to 07 3733 1566


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    My agency immigration lawyer says that actually it is impossible to apply for graduate visa even you finished the diploma in Child Care.. he says I should have a least Bachelor degree in Child Care to apply for 485 as a Child Care Center Manager.

    Have you ever succeed in handling the case and getting this visa after all?
    Many thanks in advance.

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      Yes, same goes for me. My agent also told me that I’m not qualified for this visa because the minimum requirement in Bachelor’s degree. I’m also confused with this. Any feedback, admin?

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        Shannon Semenikow


        You might be able to apply for a different kind of visa. Please send us to your full name, phone number, email, qualifications, age, experience, IELTS (if you have it).

        We will assess your case and contact you to discuss further possibilities.

        Hope to hear soon from you!

        EMSA Team

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    i completed my children’s services in December 2014. will i get graduate work visa this year. some say i have to apply work visa before 6 months of my course. i am confused.please suggest me.Thanks

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    i have recently finished my diploma in children services and i am willing to apply for the 485 graduate visa but my agency saying i need to get 360 hours of paid experience as a centre manager ..

    can you suggest me something .

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    Hi , I am Sarika Singla . I will finish my diploma in early childhood and care very soon . I need to know can I apply for 485 visa and I need to know what is vocational more thing how I can get my skill assessment in my occupation. Thank you.

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    What kind of visa can I get after graduate visa? I need apply for my graduate visa in few months I am already working in childcare centre almost one year. After that visa (18 months) what can I do ? What can the employer ofter to me in regards to visa?

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      Shannon Semenikow

      Dear Fernanda

      It’d be better to have an appointment with one of our migration agents, as you might have different options.

      If you are still interested, please send us an email to and we will help you organise everything.

      Thank you!

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      Shannon Semenikow

      Thank you for your enquiry. We’d be happy to assist you with your current situation and help to plan your pathway forward.

      As Australia’s immigration program is very complex and there may be a number of possible ways for you to apply for residency, please complete the assessment form via the link below. The information you provide will help our Migration Team identify your visa options and possible pathways

      To make sure we have all the information, you must complete the following sections:

      Personal Particulars
      Marital Status
      Current Residential address
      Citizenship Details
      Passport Details
      Addresses (including your home country address)
      Education Details (all school, college and uni information here and overseas)
      Employment details
      Australian Visa Applications
      Once you’ve completed the relevant sections, click “submit” in the bottom left hand corner, once we have received it our Migration team will:

      Assess your case and provide you with some free written advice
      Arrange an appointment and confirm if you are eligible for a free initial consultation or if it will carry a fee.
      Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to assisting you!

      Warm regards,

      The EMSA Team

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    Hi I have been finishing my Diploma of Early Childhood and Care for 18 months. I also studied Certificate III during 6 months. I’m wondering if I eligible to apply for visa 485?


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